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Boosting Product Use, Building Customer Loyalty and Increasing Renewals – Case Study

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The Situation: Our client, an established online content provider, sought to increase subscriber renewals by boosting product awareness and building customer loyalty. The client strived to strengthen customer relationships by deepening users’ understanding of its products.

The Results: C. Blohm & Associates developed and executed a local public relations campaign for the client, which focused on collecting and sharing customer success stories in their local communities to educate the public and highlight the positive efforts of schools and districts. This effective strategy generated extensive press coverage in community newspapers and led to improved customer renewal rates.

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Our client, an established online content provider, sought to increase subscriber renewals by strengthening user relationships and deepening public understanding of the company’s product offerings. Served in a competitive market, the client’s content is delivered through standards-based digital platforms, including streaming video.

Implementing a Local Campaign

CB&A worked in partnership with the client to develop a public relations strategy that focused on highlighting customer success stories in local media outlets. The efforts provided extra value to each customer relationship, and helped boost awareness of the company and its products in local communities. Adding value and building brand awareness at the local level helped to ensure that the client maintained its position as the leading provider of digital-based services and online content in the education market.

During the course of the campaign, more than 100 active members of the client’s online community were interviewed regarding their involvement in the network, educational background and experience, and views on educational technology.

CB&A utilized the information gleaned from these interviews to draft a news release that highlighted the member’s advocacy for educational technology in their local community. Once approved, CB&A distributed the announcement to local media outlets and additional district contacts the educator requested.

Campaign Visibility

CB&A drafted and distributed 77 news releases to local media outlets in 19 states. Articles were published in a variety of media outlets, including websites, newspapers, blogs and newsletters. The local media outreach resulted in 51 feature articles for a cumulative impression total of more than 5,2 million.

In addition to generating local coverage, the public relations outreach fostered a sense of goodwill among a number of audiences, including educators, administrators, board members, and other key influencers for the client. The announcements were shared with principals, communication departments and superintendents within the interviewees’ school districts, and these administrators often took it upon themselves to honor and recognize these educators.

By securing expanded visibility in key local markets, the client experienced increased customer renewal rates to secure its position as the leading online content provider in the education industry.