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Walking in a Winter Wonderland?

By November 23, 2010October 16th, 2017No Comments

It seems as though descent is a recurring reference in weather terminology. In the spring, rainfall gives plants new life. In the summertime, sunrays beam down on us. We even have a season that is informally referred to as fall. And here in Wisconsin as in many other states, we tally snowfall as though it is a game of one-upmanship with neighboring states.

It’s unlikely one will find a place in Cottage Grove where the first snowfall is as highly contested as it is at C. Blohm & Associates. We have an annual snowfall contest in which the gang at CB&A each pick the day and total number of inches (or feet, if you’re the courageous type) that the first substantial snowfall will be. Around here, substantial is rigidly defined as a snowfall that requires shoveling.

(Note: As I am writing this, it is  63° and there is a Tornado Watch until 7:45 tonight. You know what they say about Wisconsin weather – at least if you didn’t before, you can probably venture a guess now – it’s unpredictable!)

Since we’re still awaiting the arrival of snow, the dates and amounts estimated are:

Emily – Nov. 26, 2 inches

Martha – Nov. 28, 4 inches

Patrick – Nov. 29, 2 inches

Charlene – Dec. 1, 5.1 inches

Nate – Dec. 3, 4.5 inches

Brittany – Dec. 7, 3.15 inches

Kristen – Dec. 11, 5 inches

Anybody else care to hazard a guess on the subject of the first Cottage Grove snowfall  – both the amount and date?