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Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Indeed!

By December 9, 2010October 16th, 2017No Comments

Nate and Charlene, the snow knowers..

Nate and Charlene, the snow knowers

To follow up an earlier post about the CB&A “First Snowfall” competition, we are naming two official winners. Since no one guessed both the correct date and amount, we went with the two people whose estimates were closest to the mark in each category.

  • Nate won for the closest date, Friday, Dec. 3, a controversial choice since there was some debate as to when it started snowing. Was it Friday night or very early Saturday morning? Regardless, heck of a guess.
  • Charlene won for the closest snowfall total, predicting 5.1 inches. The official total according to NOAA amounted to 5.6 inches.

We salute our winning prognosticators for their excellent foresight! Who knows what these two Nostradamuses (Nostradami?) have in store for us next? I’m hoping they predict a Badger Rose Bowl win! Anyway, that’s all for (s)now.