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Video Streaming: the News Release of the Future?

By October 20, 2010January 27th, 2023No Comments

Live video streaming is becoming a popular platform for companies to make announcements. (For those unfamiliar with this technology, imagine a TV screen embedded in your Web browser window showing a video feed of an event, announcement, etc. taking place in real-time.)

Image courtesy of Cisco Systems Inc.Online news organizations have taken to video streaming in a big way. Last week, for example, millions around the world watched live feeds of the Chilean mine rescue. But it’s a highly effective public relations tool as well. Streaming a new product announcement via your company’s website is a great opportunity to showcase how technically savvy your company is. It adds a new dimension to the traditional news release.

There are some well-designed, easy-to-use websites from which you can stream live video. Most offer the basic service for free, with the option to upgrade at a cost. Two examples:

  • Livestream – allows the creation of live, scheduled and on-demand broadcasts that can be viewed anywhere on the Internet using the service’s single-player widget. Users can offer video content via their own channel, and link to the feed from their Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Ustream – uses a “one-to-many” model that allows the user to broadcast to an audience of unlimited size. Like Livestream, it makes streaming live content an easy process. With the proper equipment, you can be up and running in no time.

More and more companies are taking advantage of tools like these to get their message out. Recently, Discovery Education hosted a real-time video announcement via Livestream to launch their new web app for the iPad.  And speaking of Apple, that company’s live stream announcements have been very popular, likely due to its loyal customer base and the “cloak of secrecy” that surrounds new products.

So, give it a thought. Are live video announcements right for your company?