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Successful Brand Launch in 30 Days on Facebook – Case Study

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The Situation: A client launching a new technology product into the education market needed to leverage social media to increase its presence in a crowded digital landscape. CB&A’s digital team researched key trends and thought leaders to target niche audiences, and executed strategic messaging to heighten the client’s profile in a short timeline.

The Results: CB&A created a strong media presence to engage with relevant audiences and increase the client knowledge base in the education market by effectively using paid media and specific audience targeting. This produced a tenfold increase in engagement for CB&A’s client compared to its competitors.

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Planning & Execution

CB&A focused on paid media to jumpstart efforts, acquiring fans and gaining reach in a short time period. CB&A implemented a targeted paid media strategy by fine-tuning messages aimed at STEM technology leaders, school librarians, associations and select sales prospects.

CB&A created a unique voice for the client through the strong use of visuals, effective storytelling, timeliness and high engagement with audiences. In addition, CB&A responded within hours to requests and comments made on the client’s Facebook page.


CB&A’s digital team created a successful digital campaign by:

  • Leveraging independent user content to build client reputation.
  • Hitting the target engagement goal in 30 days.
  • Gaining 3,000 new Facebook page likes within 30 days.
  • Running engagement levels 10 times higher than competitors.

Spotlighting teacher projects and leveraging content from other channels allowed CB&A to grow the client’s presence. With thorough key audience research and dynamic messaging, CB&A magnified the client’s brand recognition in Facebook’s digital landscape.