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How LinkedIn Fits into Your Education Marketing Strategy

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Incorporating LinkedIn into your education marketing

Incorporating LinkedIn into your education marketing

With 13 million company pages and 81 percent of B2B companies using the platform for new product launches, LinkedIn has become a powerful education marketing tool. In fact, if you’re looking for ways to connect with education decision makers or other industry vendors, overlooking LinkedIn could be a missed opportunity. Here’s why.

Builds Thought Leadership

While social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are places to share news updates and product offers, LinkedIn has a strong hold on the business development market. As an education company looking to stand out in the industry, publishing thoughtful, well-written articles instantly gives you leadership status among prospects. Think of LinkedIn as a blogging platform with a hungry audience already searching for your content. Your page will appear higher in search engine results if you frequently publish top-quality content. Before you know it, you’ll become a go-to resource.

Improves Brand Recognition

With thought leadership comes brand recognition. The more you publish, comment on and share relevant articles on LinkedIn, the more your brand, voice and corporate persona show up on related searches. As with any social network, heightened visibility draws broader recognition from the right people. LinkedIn is a much more professionally driven platform than others, so you’re more likely to attract prospects receptive to your message.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

No other social platform gives you the flexibility and real estate to customize your appearance like LinkedIn. As an education company, you should think of LinkedIn as a secondary website used to drive traffic to your primary site. Customized articles, links and posts can be laser focused to convey a precise tone and message. Personalize your profile with mission and vision statements, add skills, interests and awards, and track those viewing your site. To increase your visibility on LinkedIn, incorporate keywords into your company profile. Check out this blog post for more tips on how to customize your profile.

A Conduit for Strong Relationships

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for bolstering thought leadership, building brand awareness and increasing website traffic. It’s also where you build strong relationships. Remember this when evaluating your social media strategy. Encourage your team and company leadership to regularly interact with their connections to keep the door open for future sales and partnership opportunities.

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