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Driving Sales in an Online World

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Driving sales through your education marketing strategy.

Educators turn to social media for almost everything they want to know. They’re looking for like-minded teachers and administrators who are talking about the interactions they’ve had with companies and products like yours. There’s no doubt that bloggers and social gurus will expand in number and influence over the next sales cycle.To stay at the top of your game, it’s important to adapt your education marketing strategy to embrace new ideas and methodologies. Doing so will improve your brand’s credibility and bottom line.

Social Media Influencers are Affecting Your Sales Right Now

As well-connected, influential leaders and risk-takers who represent key audiences, education technologists, impassioned teachers and education experts are drawn to social media. They value the opinion of colleagues, and take recommendations seriously. This is called “influencer marketing,” and, increasingly, companies are embracing strategies and practices that include these authoritative voices. This is an important place to be – by leveraging this network and capturing customer stories, you’ll grow your brand.

You can find and interact with these influencers by:

  • Monitoring online conversations and trends to inform business decisions
  • Sharing company news and product information through social channels
  • Participating in social media community forums and engaging with key audiences

Gain Understanding of Educators’ Needs Through Online Conversations

Growth of your company’s network is important, but equally significant is maintenance of your social media channels. Having a community manager who tracks relevant discussions to learn what empowers educators is vital to understanding their needs, interests and frustrations. Your marketing and sales teams can apply this information to communicate with customers and prospects more effectively, and what you discover may lead to:

  • Improving your product offerings and creating new ones
  • Crafting on-target, compelling messages
  • Correcting misconceptions or errors
  • Uncovering trends
  • Reinforcing positive messages
  • Capturing testimonials and success stories

Social Media Informs Your Audience: Don’t Be Left Behind

The media landscape is changing. E-newsletters, online magazines, digital publications and social media outlets are the “new normal” in this information age, as traditional media continue to move online. To stay competitive, marketers must adapt. You’ll reach your customers, business prospects, the media and other influencers in more meaningful ways. Explore how to use these far-reaching communication tools to bridge the gap between problem and solution.

Using social media in your corporate communications to build relationships will boost your company’s performance. Educators are going online to exchange ideas and knowledge, and to find the products they need. Get onboard or be left behind.

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