Case Study


Consumer Media Company Debuts Facial Recognition Software


RealNetworks aimed to make a positive first impression on school administrators, parents and the general public with its first foray into education. With a plan to target top-tier news outlets and education stakeholders, CB&A produced a media relations strategy that positioned SAFR for K-12 as the latest in accessible, effective school safety technology, and RealNetworks executives as subject-matter experts. Post-launch, CB&A managed product and brand reputation in addition to facilitating the influx of media inquiries.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Media Relations
  • Measurement and Evaluation
RealNetworks - NBC Nightly News


  • Produce timely key messages about school security and student safety
  • Compile list of target media outlets that produce high-quality content
  • Develop product announcement materials including news release and story angles
  • Conduct outreach to national, technology, local and education trade media
  • Devise monthly pitching strategies and deploy feature-story and news-based pitches
  • Produce media relations materials that align with marketing collateral
  • Facilitate on-location news production to showcase SAFR for K-12
  • Execute key messages while nurturing coverage sentiment


In working with RealNetworks to launch SAFR for K-12, CB&A spearheaded a positive messaging campaign. Widespread consumer and education trade media coverage, including major hits in the Wall Street Journal, NBC Nightly News and CNET, raised awareness with key stakeholders and fostered meaningful engagement with this new technology. In total, 25 feature stories were published over a six-month period  as a direct result of CB&A’s media relations efforts.


Feature Articles



2018 MarCom Platinum Award

2019 PRSA Alchemy Award


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“Launching SAFR for K-12 was a critical initiative for our company, and it was essential that we convey a positive impression to schools. When CB&A initiated and led our public relations efforts, we were confident that we could rely on them to help set strategy and manage the details, freeing us to focus on other elements of the launch. They even came out to Seattle to help us produce news footage for national coverage, which is a testament to the team’s dedication.”

– Ben Rotholtz, Vice President, Marketing at RealNetworks