Case Study

Project Tomorrow

Strategic partnership to differentiate and promote annual research project


Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit, partnered with CB&A to promote and leverage its annual Speak Up Research Project, and differentiate from other surveys being released around the same time.

Since 2004, Project Tomorrow has conducted Congressional Briefings in Washington, D.C., to release the findings from its Speak Up annual report. The event moved online to make it more accessible and was hosted in partnership with edWeb. CB&A expanded visibility of the event and report by managing a media relations campaign and crafting two derivative content marketing assets.

  • Education Marketing Strategy
  • B2E Content Marketing
  • Public Relations


  • Researched how competitive surveys were positioned and provided strategic recommendations for the Speak Up research, including content marketing and promotion opportunities.
  • Compiled tailored media list of relevant education, consumer and political news outlets and blogs.
  • Crafted and distributed news release announcing Speak Up report and virtual Congressional Briefing.
  • Referenced Speak Up report to share content theme and format recommendations.
  • Prepared two blog posts highlighting key takeaways from Speak Up research.


A collaborative, strategic partnership with CB&A enabled Project Tomorrow to expand the reach of its annual Speak Up report, further leverage its findings and increase attendance to its virtual Congressional Briefing event.

By targeting the right mix of education, consumer and political news outlets and blogs, CB&A generated increased interest for the Speak Up research and virtual Congressional Briefing, including earned coverage in Tech & Learning, Education Dive and District Administration. In addition, CB&A developed four unique content assets to extend the life of the report and crafted two blog posts published on Project Tomorrow’s website.


feature stories


newsletter mentions


news release syndications


virtual Congressional Briefing attendees

“CB&A went above and beyond to shape and elevate Project Tomorrow’s annual Speak Up report. Although the education market was flooded with new reports and research related to the COVID-19 pandemic, CB&A’s team was able to pull out the unique highlights embedded in our report – and put them to good use. We are so grateful to have CB&A as a trusted strategic partner!”

-Dr. Julie A. Evans, CEO at Project Tomorrow