Case Study


Comprehensive STEM and CTE provider streamlines sales development process through a unifying content asset


TechTrep is a comprehensive STEM education and CTE provider that works with families, schools and communities to provide personalized, project-based and self-paced experiences for all students. To achieve this, TechTrep closely collaborates with schools and their community partners, providing dedicated support to help them achieve their unique goals.

To ensure efficient usage of time and resources, TechTrep partnered with CB&A to streamline its sales development process. In lieu of meeting personally with every potential partner, TechTrep sought to create a unifying piece of content that covers information shared during introductory sales meetings, and articulate TechTrep’s value proposition.

B2E Content Marketing
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  • Reviewed existing client materials for valuable information to include in final content asset.
  • Conducted internal interviews to better understand sales process and pain points, and external customer interview to better understand value and usage of TechTrep.
  • Composed eBook creative brief to guide B2E (business to education) content development process.
  • Distilled existing client materials, background info and third-party research and crafted eBook copy.
  • Referenced client’s style guide to develop custom eBook template.


After leveraging existing client materials, consulting internal and external stakeholders and conducting third-party research, CB&A created a unified content asset to support TechTrep’s introductory sales meetings and attract new district partners.

And, when COVID-19 caused schools and businesses to go virtual, TechTrep was able to leverage the eBook during sales meetings, ensuring business went on as usual during unusual circumstances.


Internal Stakeholder Interviews


eBook Creative Brief


page eBook

“CB&A understands the education market! They have been able to take the pieces of functional content that we created and transform them into coherent marketing collateral to use with educators. That has allowed us to support our value proposition with evidence, a difference-maker for our business.”

-Marlon Lindsay, Co-founder and CEO at TechTrep