Case Study

Altitude Learning

Branding campaign during pivotal moment in company’s journey


Altitude Learning, an educator-run startup powering the growing learner-centered movement, collaborated with CB&A during its transition from a B2C to B2B sales model. Formally known as AltSchool, the organization selected and unveiled the new Altitude Learning name shortly before engaging CB&A. Facing a lack of brand awareness and a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of learner-centered education, Altitude Learning sought CB&A’s support in answering two questions: Who are we, and what do we do?

To reach Altitude Learning’s new target audience – school district leaders – and raise awareness about its solutions and services, CB&A generated and executed a three-phase branding strategy that focused on market research, messaging development and rollout.

Brand Messaging
Brand Development
Market Research
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Strategic Planning


  • Conducted internal and external stakeholder interviews
  • Reviewed market segments for current and emerging opportunities
  • Identified and defined stakeholder audiences
  • Developed brand owner’s guide
  • Conducted workshop to introduce final brand messaging to Altitude Learning staff, partners, board members, customers and other stakeholders
  • Supported brand rollout by drafting website copy prior to the launch
  • Promoted new brand with marketing and sales content assets


Through in-depth research, strategic planning and close collaboration, CB&A executed the rebranding process by providing a highly detailed brand guide to meet the needs of Altitude Learning’s internal and external stakeholders. To facilitate this process, CB&A conducted internal and external research to identify current and emerging opportunities. After presenting research findings to Altitude Learning’s leadership team, CB&A provided an in-depth messaging framework via a brand owner’s guide. Finally, to help Altitude Learning rollout its refreshed messaging and debut its solutions and services, CB&A developed marketing communications, which included website and email copy and sales collateral.

Content Creation

  • 5 New Site Pages
  • Brand Owner’s Guide
  • Company-Wide Marketing Communications Collateral
  • 5 Sales-Enablement Infographics





Altitude Learning

“As we prepared for a new year at Altitude Learning, our team reflected back on all that we had accomplished during the first six months as this new company, and it was a lot! We start off the new year recharged, with momentum, and in a great position to tell and share our story of how we partner with schools and districts across the country to accelerate their shift to learner-centered education. We are all grateful for CB&A’s work, support, and partnership to help us get to this point in our brand journey. We, too, are proud of what we accomplished together!”

Sarah Aleksich | Senior Marketing Manager