Case Study


Paid Social Media Campaign Drives Leads in Key Sales States


FreshGrade, a leading portfolio and assessment platform, offers an extensive library of eBooks on pedagogical concepts for schools and districts. To boost company visibility and acquire new leads, CB&A developed Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns that included ad copy, targeting and optimization to drive eBook downloads from FreshGrade’s target sales audience in five key states.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Social Advertising
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Measurement & Evaluation


  • Identify key sales states
  • Analyze previous campaign insights
  • Create Facebook and Twitter advertising strategies
  • Leverage existing video assets for multi-step campaigns
  • Maximize content marketing library
  • Schedule, monitor and optimize campaigns for highest ROI
  • Drive downloads in five key sales states


The paid social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter led to 136 eBook downloads by educators and administrators in key sales states, helping FreshGrade grow its U.S. presence with new leads and increased brand awareness.


Paid Facebook Impressions


Paid Twitter Impressions

2019 PRSA Alchemy Award


eBooks Downloads


Key States Targeted

“Our team invests a substantial amount of time and resources into creating our eBooks and believe they are some of the best resources available to educators. With CB&A’s help, we were able to leverage them in key sales states and provide our sales team with new contacts as we continue to grow our U.S. business.”

– Patti Smith, Vice President, Marketing, FreshGrade