Three Education Marketing Trends You Should Not Ignore

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Changes are happening fast in marketing. At this year’s AMA Annual Conference, I had the opportunity to learn from marketing influencers at leading companies such as Starbucks, Facebook, Leo Burnett, LinkedIn and GE. Here are the most notable marketing trends as they apply to education marketing strategy.


Now more than ever, it is essential that as an education marketing professional, you represent your brand with as much authenticity as possible. Your content and education marketing strategy should be genuine and have a distinct, honest voice. It’s about being true to yourself and your brand, and making decisions based on your corporate values.

When looking for influencer partnerships, turn to people you are proud to stand behind, people who have similar values and a similar voice. If your audience feels you’ve chosen deception over candor, they will quickly call you out. For example, be sure that if you pay for the publication of any content, it is clearly labeled as sponsored.

Human Connection

Remember that you are a person marketing to another person. Don’t underestimate the power of connecting on an emotional, human level. Listen to your customers’ frustrations and design your campaigns around solving their immediate problems.

And if you have yet to embrace video, now is the time. It’s been demonstrated that, on average, people linger 2.6 times longer over pages with video than those without. This is not a passing fad. The power of visual storytelling cannot be evoked with text or images alone.


One theme emphasized repeatedly is the fact that all branches of marketing, including education marketing, are constantly evolving. What worked six months ago may not work today, and today’s solution may not work six months from now. Luckily, there are several ways for marketers to stay at the forefront.

For example:

  • Find a mentor who has worked in the education marketing industry and learn from them.
  • Create or join a team of mastermind marketers. Brainstorm with the group to analyze campaigns and content.
  • Never stop reading blogs, forums and articles written by industry thought leaders. The better informed you are, the wiser your decisions will be.
  • Study the past, learn from the trends, and apply them to your organization.

The insights shared at the AMA Annual Conference are more than just a pulse check on marketing trends—they serve as a reminder that this industry is dynamic, and marketing professionals need to continually adapt strategies to reach education stakeholders effectively. Be nimble, stay true to your brand and mission statement, and your organization will continue to grow and evolve. Remember, marketing is a blend of science and art; it’s fueled by creativity, but built on the structure of good business practices.

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