Maximizing Visibility at Trade Shows and Conferences – Case Study

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The Situation: Our client, a developer of learning solutions for children with special needs, sought to expand marketing of its iPad application beyond individual sales towards large-scale purchases by districts and schools. The client planned to exhibit at ISTE and decided to seek guidance in conference marketing to maximize its investment return.

The Results: Through several ISTE 2013 events, CB&A leveraged the client’s presence at the conference to boost its profile in the education industry. Personal interactions with media representatives led to wider coverage of the client’s products and history, while one-to-one encounters at events produced business leads and new partnerships. The client realized a strong conference marketing return on its ISTE investment.

Reaching Target Audiences

The ISTE conference attracts the largest number of education trade media representatives and educators who are in the client’s target audience. Holding one-on-one media meetings at CB&A’s “Media Central,” and connecting with members of the special education sector at the CB&A-organized “Special Education Innovation Reception” provided timely opportunities to amplify the client’s visibility in the education market, and ensure a healthy return on its ISTE investment – both key client goals.

  • Media Central meetings were the culmination of media research, a news release, tailored invitations on behalf of the client, event planning, media training and an in depth media briefing book. Reporters and editors were able to engage in meaningful, 1:1 conversations with the client away from the commotion of the trade show floor.
  • The Innovation Reception highlighted the client’s message and technology, connecting company representatives with special education directors, special interest members, education media and industry VIPs.

These events succeeded in enabling client representatives to interact directly with their target audience, and the people who influence that audience.

Building Partnerships

Partnerships are a valuable tool for increasing sales and corporate visibility. The client co-hosted the Innovation Reception with a special interest group that specifically targeted the client’s key audience. Additionally, a Media Central meeting inspired a partnership to produce a white paper describing how the client’s app helps teachers deal with the growing prevalence of autism in the classroom.

Both events spawned exclusive opportunities to enhance relationships that facilitated business development.

Amplifying Campaign Visibility

CB&A hosted 15 meetings for the client in Media Central, with 17 media representatives present. Approximately 80 individuals attended the Special Education Innovation Reception.

The events generated:

  • 15 articles, including placements in print/online publications such as T.H.E. Journal, with high levels of prominence, relevance and impact
  • Coverage that reached a potential cumulative audience of more than 1.3 million
  • Lasting relationships with many media representatives that resulted in long-term coverage and partnership opportunities
  • Prospect leads and contact information from more than 60 individuals in the client’s key audience

CB&A’s Media Central and Special Education Innovation Reception added value to the client’s initial conference marketing plans. Both events provided a platform to reach the client’s key audience of editors, reporters and bloggers from education trade outlets. The resulting media coverage and newly minted partnerships were instrumental in expanding education market awareness of the client’s iPad application for students on the autism spectrum.