Three Reasons to Include Customer Voices in Your Marketing Initiatives

By August 8, 2017October 10th, 2017No Comments

Improve your marketing in education by harnessing your customers.In a saturated media market, marketers often ask themselves: How do we get ahead? The answer lies in the people you’ve already won – your customers. Consumers have more power than ever before, and when considering a purchase, they rely on the advice and experience of others. There’s a lot to gain by engaging customer voices. Here are three reasons to start today to improve your marketing in education:

They’re Your Brand Ambassadors

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. When it comes to purchasing decisions, consumers trust the recommendations of their peers and colleagues. By establishing an ambassador program, your brand can introduce word-of-mouth marketing in new spaces and places. Ambassadors can help you grow and strengthen your connections with key stakeholders, leverage user-generated content and share authentic stories. Ultimately, ambassadors lend credibility to your brand and tell a story that isn’t so sales heavy, meaning ambassadors will be doing legwork long after you’ve left the office.

Customers Make Content For Marketing in Education  

Whatever the content may be, it’s more valuable when it’s relatable. By including a customer voice, you’ll be able to leverage your content beyond the first sales contact. For example, unique customer stories can showcase how your brand is integral to their success. A distinctive story, can be easily transformed into several pieces of marketing material: case studies, blog posts, video testimonials, social media quote cards – the options are many. By compiling customer stories, you’ll have a robust bank of content for your marketing in education, and customers will see the value you provide. (Your sales team will be thanking you, too!)

A Program Can Boost Your Thought Leadership (and New Business)

Integrating customer voices doesn’t happen overnight, but once you’ve got the ambassadors and the online content in place, prospects will begin to view your website as a resource. Maybe it’s to find a solution for their pain point, or something larger like buying your product or service. Regardless, once they see multiple customers who’ve had success, they’ll want to share the experience. As the word spreads, leads flow in, and you benefit from customer authenticity in a new and exciting ways.

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