The Box Top Theory: 3 Ways to Create a Cause Marketing Legacy

By September 6, 2016November 18th, 2019No Comments

boxtopIt’s easy to find Box Tops. And now that we’re in the heart of the back-to-school season, it seems like we notice them more. You might have some right now at your desk, in your break room and in your home pantry. But have you stopped and thought about how these 10-cent tops are making a difference in education?

Probably not, because cause marketing is all around us. In its purest form, it’s simply marketing for a social or charitable cause. We see this every day. And the best marketers advance their cause and their brand at the same time.

For education marketers, developing a cause marketing campaign can be easy. Follow these three steps to start laying the foundation that will help you implement cause marketing like a pro:

Start Simple

Designing a campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. The Box Top program was only a small graphic introduced on a few General Mills cereal boxes. Within four years, the Box Tops for Education program doubled in size. The program saw this success because it demonstrated its cause and relevancy early. You can do the same by ensuring your brand messaging and strategies are all in sync from the get-go.

Inspire: Employees and Purchasers

The Box Tops for Education program gets us excited to buy products that contribute to the common good. One way General Mills quickly gained support was through its coordinator volunteer program. These individuals served as ambassadors for the program and essentially became the face of the organization. If you’re looking to further your cause, it’s important to have people who can speak to your brand, its impact on students and to explain your company’s vision. If you get behind your brand, others will too.

Every Little Bit Counts

Remember, little by little becomes a lot. Always encourage your purchaser to make a contribution, no matter how small. Some people clip only two Box Tops a year, while some might clip 100. Regardless, it all makes a difference and contributes to the larger goal of advancing education.

Has your company implemented a cause marketing strategy? If so, what did you find worked best for your company? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.