Batter Up! The Dairy Dispatch Celebrates the Timeless Tradition of Waffles

By March 26, 2014November 3rd, 2017No Comments

800px-Homemade_waffle_closeupFor everyone who eagerly awaits the smell of freshly baked waffles and warm maple syrup on Saturday mornings – this Dairy Dispatch is for you. Now that we’ve got you thinking about food, let’s feast on some education marketing news.

With toppings that ranged from the classic blueberry to a nutty Nutella spread, the CB&A team mixed it up on March 25 for International Waffle Day. We also cooked up some facts about the history of this ancient breakfast favorite. From the Neolithic Age, to 16th century France and your local Waffle House, we trace the waffle’s surprisingly epic timeline.

Join us at the table and fill up on some delicious client news. For starters, SIIA opened speaker applications for the Education Industry Summit on May 12-14 in San Francisco, and Scenario Learning launched SafePersonnel, a tool to help employers create a safer work environment. Also on the menu, Skyward, Inc. announces its partnership with Educational Survives Center (ESC) Region 12 to offer Texas districts accounting and financing assistance.

Although every great meal must come to an end, we have plenty of education marketing and special education updates to serve up in the March/April edition of the Dairy Dispatch.