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AEP Awards Honor Exceptional Products and Excellent Promotions

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For more than four decades, The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) has honored the very best in several areas of the Education Industry. This year is no exception, with the entry deadline for the 2010 awards closing on Jan. 14, 2011. There are three distinct award categories: Distinguished Achievement Awards, Golden Lamp and Beacon Awards.

The Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAA) recognize a range of best products and resources in four categories, including Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology. But wait, there’s more! Each category comprises subcategories that recognize outstanding products from particular industry niches. I could spend an entire blog post describing each subcategory, but prefer to use a metaphor in lieu of actual description: basically the DAA are a scrumptious layer cake of industry-wide recognition.

The Golden Lamp Awards, though fewer in number, are equally prestigious. They are given to the “gold standard for educational products.” Only four are handed out each year, and the categories are the same as for the DAA: Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology.

Finally, there are the Beacon Awards, which recognize excellence in education marketing. Like the DAA, these cover several subcategories, ranging from e-mail marketing campaigns to brochures to social media, and beyond.

That’s the scoop on the AEP Awards; now we encourage you to enter your outstanding product or service. Best of luck!