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Your Chance to Win: SIIA Innovation Incubator

By September 23, 2010October 16th, 2017No Comments

The SIIA Innovation Incubator awards present a unique opportunity for education technology companies to put their products and services in the industry spotlight.

Entries are being accepted from:

  • pre-revenue companies
  • existing companies with revenue
  • non-profit groups
  • academic institutions
  • research and development agencies

For submission details and other information please visit:  www.siia.net/etbf/2010/incubator.asp

siia-edtech-forumFinalists will be selected by SIIA’s Education Division Board of Directors, Innovation Working Group, and Summit Steering Committee. The judges’ will nominate two or three products/services/ideas from each of these categories – existing companies with revenue, companies considered pre-revenue, and non-profit/R&D/education agencies. The reviewers also will select applicants so that the innovations represent a diversity of use, users and market levels. The finalists will present their product/service during the Innovation Incubator Program at the SIIA 2010 Ed Tech Business Forum.

Being named an Innovation Incubator is a great visibility opportunity, so now is the time to grab the bull by the horns! The deadline for SIIA Innovation Incubator awards is fast approaching; Monday, September 27.

Best of luck!