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Trending Now: Educator-led Roundtable Discussions on Timely Issues

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When we asked members of the media what they’re keeping their eyes on at ISTE, we received a multitude of answers that helped us understand which issues and topics would be buzzing this year. Some of which included personalized learning, blended learning, assessment and digital curriculum. During Trending Now, education leaders with diverse backgrounds came together to discuss relevant topics over a one-hour panel presentation. By bringing this conversation to ISTE, the event provided the media with access to expert opinions in the field of education. This year CB&A was joined by facilitator, Linda Winter, President of Winter Group and panelists Jennifer Gardner, Director of IT Finance & Subsidies in the School District of Philadelphia, Gina Piero, Instructional Coach of Worthington City School District in Ohio, Ray Wilson, Head of Security at North Penn School District in Pennsylvania, Helen Padgett, Ph.D., ISTE past President, Stephanie Ekis, Manager of Education and Learning of Tobii Dynavox and Dr. Phillip Lanoue, Superintendent at Clarke County School District in Georgia.

The Trending Now panel participants:

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