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Spring has Sprung!

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Wildlife: Charlene, Emily, Paul, Martha, Brittany

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams

Well, it really feels like spring has arrived here at CB&A.  The view of blue skies and wildlife from the office windows is certainly a welcome sight for all of us.  Charlene and Paul shared that they have seen the usual birds flocking to the pond in the backyard… robins, cardinals and geese, oh my!

Emerging from Hibernation...

Emerging from Hibernation…

With spring comes a tradition we all take very seriously around here: the Opening of the Back Door.  This monumental event marks the day each spring that there is no longer snow on the ground (a very cheery thing if you live in Wisconsin)!  This year is very special because it happens to fall on Saint Patrick’s Day, a perfect excuse to celebrate with a walk to McDonald’s and shamrock shakes for all!

So at CB&A, we say – get outside and enjoy the refreshing weather!  Possibly with a tasty shamrock shake of your own.