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EdNET Preview: How to Be a ‘Storymaker’

By September 20, 2016June 27th, 2018No Comments

02j54579If you ask a member of the CB&A team what their favorite part about working in the education industry is, the answer will likely be sharing the stories of teachers. Over the course of the past 25 years, our approach to sharing educator stories has evolved—and yours should, too.

With the EdNET conference just a week away, I wanted to preview the idea of “storymaking,” which will drive our presentation content. As the digital sharing landscape continues to expand, education marketers should regroup to determine the best plan of action for tapping into customer stories to propel the brand forward.

How will storymaking support content and social media strategies?

A shift from idea-inspired storytelling to fan-inspired storymaking will boost your ability to engage your customer base. By sharing the stories educators are already telling, customers will be more apt to interact with compelling content and share their own experiences. An open invitation to teachers to talk about your brand provides authentic customer-generated content that highlights its key attributes.

How do you become a storymaker?

To make the leap from storytelling to storymaking, your first priority should be listening to your customers’ conversations. By taking this step, you will find the topics of interest to teachers that should drive your content development. When creating any content campaign, consider how you can engage educators and motivate them to talk about your brand. Effective storymaking requires both leveraging customer communications and encouraging teachers to produce fresh brand stories.

ednetFor more details about storymaking tactics and techniques, attend our presentation at this year’s EdNET conference. We will present “The Storymaking Evolution: Content and Social Media Strategies That Drive Results” on Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 1:45 p.m.