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CB&A Revamps Services for FAST

By September 8, 2016November 17th, 2017No Comments

After taking a short break from our six-month visibility campaign with Families and Schools Together, Inc., CB&A is starting up again to help the non-profit develop a marketing plan for this school year.


Developer of the FAST program, Families and Schools Together, Inc. has the mission to give children opportunities to thrive by building stronger relationships at home. Students and parents who attend the eight-week FAST Cycle participate in research-based activities that are both fun and educational. With each cycle, the FAST team seeks to strengthen social capital between families and schools to create a supportive community for K-12 learning. After families complete the initial cycle, they transition to FASTWORKS, a two-year program with monthly meetings.

How is FAST improving education?

By strengthening the connections between family and education, Families & Schools Together, Inc. develops a supportive learning environment for students both at home and at school. After participating in the FAST cycle, a child’s school behavior improves and emotional problems diminish. Children also get along better with their parents and peers. In addition to emotional and behavioral benefits, FAST leads to academic gains.

Next steps with CB&A

As the school year gets into full swing, CB&A will build the visibility of Families & Schools Together, Inc. in the K-12 education industry. Our team will refine brand messaging to deliver compelling and accurate communications to members of the education community. Additionally, CB&A will provide recommendations for the FAST website and an updated email program.