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CB&A: A Quarter-Century Later

By October 18, 2016February 2nd, 2018No Comments

cba_1Twenty-five years ago, I started C. Blohm & Associates with a simple mission: help improve the lives of students. As I contemplated the teachers, friends, family and colleagues at our 25th anniversary party, I realized how far we have come.

From humble beginnings in Texas to a home office in Wisconsin to a staff of 18, our impact grows steadily with every addition to the team.

To teachers in classrooms everywhere: We are honored to play a role in supporting the amazing work you do every day. Without you, CB&A would not be here, and we base our efforts on trying to assist the great work that you do.

To our friends: We cherish the companionship, counsel and encouragement you’ve provided over the years. You shape who we are, and we’re better for it.

To our families: Thank you for your guidance and commitment to ensuring we received the education we did. You set the examples that we strive to meet every working day.

To my colleagues: I am fortunate to work alongside you as we strive to meet our shared goal. Each of you has played a significant role in reaching this milestone, and may we enjoy many more celebrations together.

cba_2To my colleagues’ families: I am blessed to have the chance to work with your family members and thank you for supporting their goals. We are able change the lives of children and their teacher because we have people like you behind us.

To our clients: Thank you for trusting us to share your amazing success. We value our relationships and your steadfast dedication to engineering the future of education.

Our anniversary celebration was a surreal experience, one that I will not soon forget. We have made great strides these 25 years and will strive to explore new frontiers as the next 25 unfold.

Warm wishes,