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CB&A Introduces Cognition Training Client

By August 31, 2016October 20th, 2017No Comments

We’re kicking off the new school year by announcing an addition to our client family. The team will work closely with C8 Sciences to help students improve cognitive skills essential for learning.

What is C8 Sciences?

C8 Sciences develops a neuroscience-based cognition program called ACTIVATE that enables students to increase three primary executive function skills: focus, self-control and memory. By using a “cross training” approach that combines computer activities and physical exercise, C8 Sciences increases academic performance and reduces achievement gaps. Each of C8 Sciences’ programs reflects the latest research into neuroplasticity and strengthens the brain’s 8 Core Cognitive Capacities. The Core Cognitive Capacities include sustained attention, response inhibition, speed of information processing, and cognitive flexibility and control.

How is C8 Sciences improving education?

Developed by Yale neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry, Dr. Bruce Wexler, ACTIVATE blends game-based computer exercises and physical activities to improve neurocognitive capacities for students in general K-12 education and special education. In addition to providing a more effective alternative to 1:1 tutoring, ACTIVATE is a powerful substitute for ADHD medication and other attention deficit disorders. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) assessments included with the program track cognitive growth and deliver real time data to educators and other professionals.

Next steps with CB&A:

Through public relations and digital marketing efforts, CB&A will support C8 Sciences’ growth in the K-12 education industry. The campaign will refine C8 Sciences’ marketing messaging to convey the benefits of ACTIVATE to education leaders. Content marketing and media relations efforts will produce visibility opportunities for the company.