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CB&A Brings Visibility to the Special Needs Industry

By April 9, 2013October 13th, 2017No Comments
CB&A is an education pr agency.

We announced some exciting news today! C. Blohm & Associates has rolled out its Special Needs Division, confirming our commitment to education, to children and to giving everyone the chance to learn and grow. The new division complements the structure and strategy we’ve used to achieve effective results in the education industry for more than 20 years. We will bring the highest standards of public relations and social media services to the special needs market as well.

Resources dedicated to those with special needs should be available in schools, at home, in therapy settings and in the workplace. Our goal is to provide expertise to help companies (large and small) navigate a diverse market with PR campaigns that provide clear, concise messaging and successful results.

We are passionate about creating awareness for products and services that assist all individuals with special needs. We are equally passionate about spreading the idea of acceptance. Everyone learns differently, and everyone deserves the chance to learn.

Children and adults with special needs have unique talents and abilities that should be celebrated. Many need accommodations in order to share their talents and communicate with others, a process that can be bolstered through the creation of new products, tools and resources. The good news is that there are thousands of new products being developed to do just that, and we’re here to help spread the word!

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So join us in celebrating our good news! We’ll have a piece of cake in your honor if you share a note, a story, your name, your thoughts, or anything else you can think of below. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Charlene gets some of that cake…maybe.