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C. Blohm & Associates Introduces Three New Clients

By October 2, 2015April 11th, 2021No Comments

We’re not only welcoming in the cool, crisp fall air, but we’re also greeting three new clients as they become members of our client family. Before the leaves completely turn, let’s see what these companies have been up to.

Families and Schools Together (FAST), Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.24.19 PMthe internationally acclaimed parent engagement program, supports family bonding necessary for children to thrive. This eight-week program aims to strengthen the parent-child bond while reducing family conflict. Bringing multiple families together once a week in an after-school setting, a trained FAST team guides families through activities that foster family bonding. The program is designed to empower parents to be family leaders, foster positive connections and form relationships between families and schools. These factors culminate to create a supportive community that is rooted in children’s well being.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.23.07 PMDimensional Learning Solutions (DLS) develops an interactive digital courses and training programs that help students succeed by doing. It aims to increase student achievement through the creation of intelligent, adaptive and customizable courses that use research-based design. To do this, students learn from a cutting-edge learning platform that is developed from the best education pedagogy and learning sciences. This style of learning increases student course completion and satisfaction rates. Focused on student success, DLS leads the way in adaptive instruction that increases student mastery, retention and depth of understanding.

Superplus helps students with learning and Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.23.59 PMdevelopmental disabilities live a fuller life by giving them tools to develop their self-esteem, build confidence and master everyday challenges. Superplus’ mission is simple; to improve the lives of children with special needs. Using strategies from the gaming world, Superplus learned how to communicate clinical research and practical teaching to transform special needs education. Creating engaging and motivating user experiences around science, knowledge and play has become part of their DNA.

We look forward to sharing their stories with you in the coming months.