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Bidding Adieu to Daisy

By June 6, 2014November 3rd, 2017No Comments

Ten years ago, C. Blohm & Associates rode the cattle trails north from Texas to Wisconsin. To announce the change, I purchased a herd of stuffed dairy cows and sent them to friends. Along with the cows, CB&A began producing a monthly education PR newsletter highlighting our latest client news to keep our media friends in the loop. Alas, today we distributed the final Dairy Dispatch.


Each issue highlighted an off-beat holiday or celebration, providing fun facts, tasty recipes and fascinating photos to accompany the latest client news. We tackled topics ranging from Dr. Seuss to the Winter Olympics and everything in between.  And we confess to having “punished” both our readers and the English language with the number of puns we no-so-subtly insinuated into otherwise sterling prose.

After ten years of publishing the Dairy Dispatch, much has changed. We began printing copies and sending them via old-fashioned snail mail, gradually transitioning to a wholly digital format. We “mooooved” from a monthly to a bi-monthly publication schedule.  The Dispatch decade bore witness to seismic shifts in the world of education PR and media, as the Internet email and social media rose to become our primary communication channels.

Ending the Dairy Dispatch was not an easy decision. We consider Daisy a part of the CB&A family and she has served us well over the years. But as the world has changed and evolved over the past ten years, so has our agency. We are marshaling a variety of channels to communicate our messages and our client news.

Daisy maybe hanging up her bell, but we’ll continue to spread the word about the latest happenings in the education technology and special needs industries. Our blog, Visibility Matters will showcase the latest education PR trends. Our Facebook page will serve as a window into our agency life and Twitter will remain for us as a way to disseminate news and connect. And we continue to build our presence on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Vine.

Stay tuned for more education PR news, because we know that visibility matters.