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Sweetened or Unsweetened? The New Dairy Dispatch Touches on Tea

By June 14, 2013November 3rd, 2017No Comments
CB&A is an education pr agency.

It’s June, which means it’s time to find any and all grilling opportunities, relish in summer sports and indulge in the latest ed tech buzz from the Dairy Dispatch.

For the final installment of the school year, the CB&A team had a tasty time researching iced tea, the timeless beverage synonymous with summer. June 10 was National Iced Tea Day, and we’re celebrating all month long. We found fascinating facts about iced tea and discovered the truth behind one of its most popular twists, the Arnold Palmer.

But we found nothing so refreshing as the brisk brew of news from our client family. For example, Brain Parade’s See.Touch.Learn.® application was voted Most Likely to Succeed during the Innovation Incubator Program held by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), and Funds For Learning announced its proposal to modernize the E-rate program.

The next time you read the Dairy Dispatch, the weather will be cooler and the editor will be new. Katie has passed the torch, and Chris will be filling her editorial shoes. But have no fear, he will continue the tradition of keeping you primed to the happenings here at CB&A and with our clients, as well as suggesting new and off-beat holidays to celebrate.

Until then, stay thirsty, reach for the sweet stuff (or unsweetened if you prefer) and kick off your summer with the May/June Dairy Dispatch.