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Giant Jenga Fun

By October 12, 2012October 15th, 2017No Comments

Things have gotten a little unstable around the CB&A office lately. No, we haven’t experienced any seismic activity or issues with the building’s foundation. We’ve recently started playing the teetering and wobbly game of Giant Jenga! Now for those of you who are accustomed to playing the original Jenga, this newer, larger version makes the old Jenga look like child’s play. The Giant Jenga tower is about 10 times the size of the tower you build with the original Jenga pieces.

The basic rules are still the same, though. Players take turns removing blocks from a tower, balancing them on top and creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses. Unlike original Jenga, Giant Jenga is not sold in stores. If you want to play, you must buy lumber, cut it down into blocks and sand each and every block (yeah it’s a lot of sanding). But, the hard work that goes into making the game pieces is definitely worth it. We have had lots of laughs over the wobbly, wavering game…and maybe just a couple sore toes!

-Lumber: 2″ x 3″
-If in 10′ lengths, you’ll need four boards. If in 8′ lengths, you’ll need five boards.

-Sandpaper, but it is highly recommended to use an electric sander (otherwise you may be sanding for a week straight!).
-A saw or a chop saw.

1. Cut your 2″ x 3″ into 7.5″ lengths. You will need 54 pieces, for an 18 level Jenga set.
2. Sand all the blocks.
3. Stack the blocks.
4. And you’re ready to play some Giant Jenga!

Ready for some Giant Jenga action! Garrett had a front row seat!

I was the ‘Giant Loser’ of the day, toppling the Jenga tower 2 out of 3 times. Ouch!