Case Study


Fine-Tuning Marketing Approach to Nurture Conference Leads


ViTAL offers ground-breaking software that bolsters inclusion and accessibility in the classroom through innovative tools that translate visual content into information that can be seen (on screen), heard (through sounds) and felt (through vibrations) on touchscreens. The growing company earned leads from industry conferences but had no processes in place to move the newly-acquired leads through the sales funnel. CB&A helped implement the software, processes and content elements that created a repeatable procedure to move warm leads through the sales funnel and secure new business.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Measurement & Evaluation


  • Segment MailChimp lists to deliver tailored content
  • Provide call-to-action recommendations based on stages of the buyer’s journey and education buying cycle
  • Develop intriguing content for email drip campaign
  • Design eye-catching MailChimp template
  • Guide HubSpot implementation and prepare for transition from free to paid model
  • Share best practices for landing pages, form placement and thank you pages


In collaboration with CB&A, ViTAL successfully installed HubSpot, improved lead-nurturing abilities and created a process that can be applied to future industry conferences and marketing efforts.


CTA Recommendations


Analytic Dashboards Created


Email Open Rate


Email CTR

“As we continue to grow, we needed help defining our processes and implementing HubSpot to close the leads we were securing at conferences. CB&A was able to set us up for success with HubSpot, email templates and improving the CTA’s we use with leads throughout the buyer’s journey.”

-Corrine Mueller, Co-founder and VP of Business, ViTAL