Autism Spectrum Disorder Blog Post

In researching for an ongoing project, we spent the last couple of months researching autism. The fastest growing developmental disability in the U.S., autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects the development of social and communication skills. Typically, autism begins affecting a child before the age of three, and while the condition can improve with various treatments and therapies, autism cannot be cured.

Back-to-School with Autism Blog Post

Back-to-school marks a time of adjusting to new teachers in a new classroom setting, meeting new friends, and sharpening those brand new pencils into a perfect point. For children on the autism spectrum, who tend to struggle with change, this transition is much more complex. The following is a summary of challenges they face and ways to ease the transition into the school year.

Reflecting on the Last Decade Blog Post

While taking on my new role as Vice President at CB&A brings excitement for the future, it also makes me…

Thought Leadership at the National Press Club – Case Study Blog Post

A client that develops robots and curriculum to help children on the autism spectrum sought to establish itself as a thought leader by presenting at a National Press Club (NPC) event in Washington, D.C. CB&A facilitated the speaking opportunity, and developed a strategic media relations plan to further leverage the event.