Executive Team

We have more than three decades of experience helping education clients grow and sell.


Change is the only constant. We know that to kick the competition, you need integrated marketing strategies that are ahead of the curve, and a finger on the pulse of both tech and policy. For more than 25 years, we’ve continued to adapt our services to the marketplace, offering clients exactly what they need to achieve their business goals.

Charlene Blohm

President & CEO

Charlene knows how to take businesses to the next level. Since founding CB&A, a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise in 1991, Charlene has partnered with organizations of every stripe to deliver bottom-line value. From early stage Davids to multinational Goliaths, she has a knack for seeing what others often don’t.

Charlene has earned several accolades individually and on behalf of the agency, and she’s a frequent guest speaker on all-things education PR, marketing and sales. Charlene’s know-how in journalism, advertising and promotions established strong networks that she continues to cultivate.

On the weekends, you can find “CB,” as the team affectionately calls her, pedaling a bike or paddling a canoe.

Emily Embury

Executive Vice President

Emily is CB&A’s heartbeat. Compelled by a passion for her craft and CB&A’s mission, Emily directs agency initiatives and client work. Her 15-plus years at the firm make Emily the team’s go-to resource for the tough questions. She’s counseled the big names – Blackboard, Dremel, Shutterfly and Discovery Education, to name a few – and it’s clients’ lasting impact on communities that keeps Emily coming back for more.

As good as Emily is at running the CB&A ship, she’s even better at chasing around her three little boys, raising a garden and sipping an Old Fashioned.

Saul Hafenbredl

Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development

Saul makes big things happen. Driven by a “focus on what matters” philosophy, he directs marketing communications campaigns across CB&A’s client family. Saul helps account teams turn strategy into results, and he’s the primary point of contact in high-stakes communications scenarios. His background in account services gives Saul an advantage when it comes to forecasting challenges and opportunities.

Saul’s leisure interests often lead him outside: plodding along with his yellow lab sidekick, reading in the backyard, captaining the family pontoon boat or looking for the nearest hiking trail.

Jeremy Cesarec

Content Director

Jeremy is a veteran strategic marketing and communications expert, who is driven by a heavy dose of curiosity and a passion for the written word and belief in its persuasive power.

His two decades of communications and marketing experience includes time on giant teams at Fortune 100 companies, freelance journalism, and nearly a decade at an independent creative agency. His role at CB&A is fueled by his storytelling acumen and his lifelong passion for education and learning. He relishes the opportunity to help CB&A’s clients tell their stories in the right place, at the right time and with content that changes minds and moves needles.

When Jeremy’s off the clock, he’s often tending to his postage stamp garden, sweating in a hot sauna, listening to a podcast, working through his book of Wednesday NYT crossword puzzles or hanging out with his family (sometimes concurrently).

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