Education Content Marketing

Develop an education content marketing strategy to increase website traffic, generate leads and drive them through the sales pipeline. 

Your Content Marketing Journey Starts Here

Strong assets, such as blog posts, case studies, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics and webinars, are the backbone of your content marketing strategy. With so many cornerstone content options available, collaborating with the CB&A team on your strategy development is a smart first step. Our strategies for content marketing in the education market position your product or service in front of teachers, administrators and other decision makers during the crucial parts of the education buying cycle. From planning your strategy to execution and analysis, our team will turn your education content marketing operation into a lead generation machine.

Creating Your Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy that dovetails with the education buying cycle is the key to a successful integrated marketing plan. At CB&A, we design a content approach to ensure your marketing assets drive results. Effective content marketing requires a:

  • Detailed plan to execute your content strategy.
  • Map of content assets that align with the education buying cycle.
  • Sustained and coordinated approach to implement, iterate upon and optimize your education content marketing strategy.

Executing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Every business has unique marketing needs and varying capacity to address them. Maybe you’re a small marketing team of one, or perhaps you’re looking to expand your company’s lead generation efforts. Whatever the scenario, our expert team of strategists and writers can support your marketing efforts by creating content assets such as:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Case studies and ebooks
  • Infographics and video elements

Promoting Your Content Across Multiple Channels

Reach new and influential prospects by leveraging your fresh content through earned, paid, owned and shared media to raise awareness, drive leads and convert sales. A content asset is only as good as its promotion, so shout it from the rooftops. Plan to share your content asset in a half a dozen ways or more, such as:

  • Partnering with a digital influencer
  • Running a Google AdWords campaign
  • Advertising on social media

Measuring Your Content Success

Looking for ways to determine the ROI of your content strategy? At CB&A, we measure the success of our marketing campaigns on three different levels: outputs, outcomes and business results. We take a proactive approach – we want to help you reach your marketing goals – so our analytics focus on what matters most to your business. A few KPIs we track include:

  • Website traffic
  • Clicks and engagements
  • Leads generated
  • Conversion rate
  • Open and click-thru rates

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