Strategic Planning

The foundation for successful public relations campaigns - strategic planning - allows us to research, develop and execute effective strategies aligned to your marketing goals and budgets.


Through extensive research, our team of industry experts establishes critical benchmarks and measurable objectives.

Brand Messaging

Based on our findings, we develop strong, memorable brand messaging to create the optimum perception of your company and products across all communications channels.


Addressing each media opportunity and challenge as it arises, we handle everything from crisis communications to queries from journalists, with creativity and professionalism.

Building Credibility

To build credibility and secure powerful product endorsements, we evaluate industry award and speaking opportunities—and recommend tactics to build your market profile.


Media Relations

Using our deep industry knowledge and broad connections, we strategically craft and execute multichannel media relations that resonate with your industry’s biggest influencers.

Reaching your target audience

To ensure your message reaches those you need it to, we craft key messages, develop materials for distribution in a variety of media channels — and provide targeted pitching in trade media plus local, regional and national media outlets.

Positive Media Coverage

Offering unique insight into timely issues and trends affecting the education, special needs and ed tech markets, and the news interests of journalists, we generate positive news coverage and word-of-mouth promotion for your company and products.

Digital Media

Through our Digital Media Services, we can show you how to leverage social media, SEO, email and paid media into your campaigns. Our digital services leverage the best-of-class services to deliver solid business results.

Social Media

Social media increases brand awareness by creating online conversation and engagement. CB&A will consult on the best strategies and messages to deploy via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat and/or other social channels as appropriate to secure and engage users. Recommended themes and a content calendar will be developed to guide the style and frequency of communications. Building connections to inspire influencers and develop video assets and other shareable content are highly recommended strategies under this umbrella. Paid posts will be utilized to recruit and engage fans.

Email Marketing

Email communications to secure new leads and to nurture leads through the buying cycle are the cornerstones of an effective marketing strategy. CB&A will work with you to develop buyer personas, offers, calls to action and frequency schedules, select the lists, write and deploy the messages, and monitor the results to fine-tune our efforts over time.

SEO Strategy

A SEO audit will be conducted to evaluate the client’s website in a number of areas, ranging from search traffic to key word analysis. The resulting analysis will be used to develop recommendations to improve performance in search engines. Ongoing support is offered to measure SEO performance and content review.

Website Audit

An ever-growing number of site visitors are using mobile devices to access vendor sites. CB&A will help analyze the site with a proven methodology to ensure it contains the information parents and teachers need to make their purchase decisions.

Content Marketing

Having the content in place that demonstrates thought leadership and communicates key messages is a critical component to any communications strategy. Tangible deliverables that can be distributed to customers, potential business partners and the media have the potential to create new business, and reinforce your position as an industry leader.

Create Relevant, Valuable Content

From case studies and news releases to videos, infographics or blog posts, we create the content that will help you make your mark. Each piece we develop is informed by more than 20 years of industry experience, to ensure you’re communicating the right message, to the right audience, through the right channels.

Attract and Retain Customers

Content marketing is a way to draw in new customers by showing them what your company offers, and also can be a way to retain them by demonstrating your commitment to providing valuable resources. It offers a chance to showcase stories your company wants to tell, and gives your target audience a way to relate to your company’s capabilities.

Thought Leadership

Thought leaders inspire others to act by setting the agenda, driving opinions and acting as agents of change. There are no shortcuts to becoming a thought leader, but by taking concrete steps, we help clients pursue opportunities to become one.

Addressing the Industry

Through speaking engagements, association partnerships, white papers, op-ed pieces, guest blog spots, bylined articles and interviews with trade and consumer media outlets, we work to create thought leadership opportunities for our clients.

Getting the Word Out

By sharing stories about successful outcomes and helping others understand how they can achieve similar results, we help you work toward becoming thought leaders and an agent of change.

Education Markets

C. Blohm & Associates serves leaders in the education industry on both the national and international scale. From K-12 to higher ed, CB&A develops effective, comprehensive and integrated communications strategies that gets our clients noticed in all the right places.

We believe that education is valuable, and that all kids deserve a chance reap its benefits. We believe that every student has unique strengths, and opportunities for growth. We believe in the power of storytelling. We believe that words can communicate vivid ideas and meaning, and forge thought leadership in the industry.

Special Education Market

CB&A launched its special needs division in 2013 as a response to a growing demand for special education PR services. Two years later, the agency was honored with the EdTech Digest Award for PR Leadership, which recognized our efforts in the special needs market. The division’s launch was a huge success, and special needs has been a cornerstone of our services ever since.

The special needs market fits seamlessly with CB&A’s mission and confirms our commitment to education, children and giving everyone a chance to learn. In just a few years, we have become the go-to public relations experts in the special needs market.