• C8 Sciences

    Addressing Childhood Problems

    To increase awareness and support sales initiatives in the coming months and years, CB&A will assist C8 Sciences in a comprehensive, multi-tiered outreach strategy that includes PR, digital marketing, community management and thought leadership opportunities for its founders and members of its executive team. The goal is simple: increase the company’s profile as an innovative, research-backed developer of solutions that address some of the most significant childhood problems, including attention disorders.


    Improving Student Growth

    As educators seek to properly assess their classrooms and eliminate time-draining tasks, Renaissance has emerged as the leader in cloud-based assessment and learning solutions. With CB&A’s public relations and event coordination expertise, Renaissance has continued to share its knowledge in the field with educators as they work in unison to accelerate student growth.

    Second Avenue Learning

    Educating Through Serious Games

    Second Avenue Learning sought out CB&A’s public relations and digital marketing expertise to boost visibility for its serious gaming products and services. CB&A is capitalizing on timely and emerging education trends to achieve marketing and media success for Second Avenue’s educational gaming products, Voters Ed and Martha Madison, services and thought leadership platform.

    The Douglas Stewart Company

    Mobile Device Security

    The Douglas Stewart Company is eager to expand its value-added reseller support for LocknCharge, a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments. By introducing public relations strategies to the current marketing mix, the visibility campaign will raise awareness of LocknCharge products through tactical and engaging outreach across a mix of traditional and digital channels.

    IO Education

    Empowering Data in Education

    Data continues to inform education practices. IO Education came to CB&A to introduce its new identity, which is a result of combining existing complementary product portfolios. CB&A is honing brand messaging and deploying proactive media relations tactics to secure IO Education’s position as the leading provider of student data analytics, classroom management, teacher training and parent communication solutions.

    Measured Progress

    Thought Leadership in Large-scale Assessment

    Measured Progress contracted CB&A to elevate the thought leadership profile of its executive team. Through a mix of earned and negotiated media placements, CB&A and Measured Progress highlighted the leadership team’s expertise in large-scale assessment programs.

  • Lexia Learning

    Bridging the Gap

    Lexia Learning came to CB&A wanting to enhance awareness of their brand among current and prospective customers, trade and business media, and other key constituents. Through engaging outreach across a mix of traditional and digital channels, Lexia has been able to develop long-lasting, meaningful partnerships with media outlets, bloggers and customers — quickly becoming top-of-mind as a leading resource for bridging the reading gap for pre-K through 12th grade.


    Growing 21st Century Students

    Sixty-five percent of today’s K-12 students will enter jobs and careers that do not yet exist. That’s why Dremel, a trusted manufacturer of tools for life and learning, is moving into the education industry. With its comprehensive 3D ecosystem, featuring the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, Dremel is bringing STEM concepts to life, empowering students to become 21st century learners, and offering educators unparalleled support. Through robust public relations, digital marketing and conference and event support, CB&A is working to highlight Dremel’s forward-thinking approach to 3D print technology into education.

    Wisconsin Connections Academy

    Online Curriculum Meets State Standards

    Wisconsin Connections Academy, a tuition-free K-12 virtual charter school, gives students the flexibility to learn at home with an online curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. With CB&A, Wisconsin Connections Academy is developing a statewide outreach program that showcases the school as a good fit for motivated students.


    College Ecosystems Where Students Thrive

    How are students thriving in college? While most annual reports focus on quantitative aspects of college thriving, vibeffect explores the qualitative aspects that drive student success in higher education. With CB&A, the company seeks to share its innovative research and gain visibility for its student product, which delivers tailored recommendations on the college ecosystems that individual students have the best chance of thriving in.

    Book Creator

    Making Waves Across the Pond

    London-based developer Red Jumper Studios was looking to make a bigger impression among education media for its app, Book Creator. They enlisted CB&A to help promote stories about the app being used in American classrooms to turn students into published authors. CB&A utilized news announcements and media relations to secure placements in prominent education trade media.


    Gaining Traction in a Competitive Market

    The education market is full of publishers with a variety of curriculum that schools and districts can choose from. ORIGO Education needed a way to distinguish its math offering, Stepping Stones, from the rest of the crowd. CB&A developed and executed a visibility campaign for ORIGO that highlighted Stepping Stones unique blended learning features and demonstrated that its capabilities stand toe-to-toe with those of larger publishers.

  • COSN

    Strengthening Conference Engagement with Twitter

    To connect with CoSN conference attendees and to reach those unable to attend the event, CB&A designed and deployed a comprehensive Twitter strategy. The campaign included live-tweeting of sessions, creating a mix of visual and textual content and monitoring conversation using the conference hashtag and mentions to provide direct engagement with attendees. The plan resulted in a notable increase in Twitter followers for CoSN, which was facilitated by an increase in tweets, retweets, mentions, favorites and link click-throughs prior to and throughout the conference.


    Developing Strategic Communications

    Toolwire partnered with CB&A to plan and execute communications associated with a major industry and product launch. CB&A is working with the company’s leadership team, in conjunction with Web design firm, to create consistent, effective messaging.

    Tobii Dynavox

    Transitioning a Brand

    After working closely with DynaVox Systems on key product launches in the special education market, CB&A collaborated with the newly formed Tobii Dynavox on its transition to a new, united brand. CB&A worked with Tobii Dynavox on visibility campaigns that elevated the new Tobii Dynavox brand through message development and communication with key audiences and stockholders. As a part of the visibility campaigns, CB&A continued to generate awareness and media coverage of Tobii Dynavox and its products among the special education market.


    Breaking into the Education Market

    Looking to engage the education industry with its Photo Story for Classrooms solution, Shutterfly reached out to CB&A to employ a grassroots promotion strategy for the K-12 market. Together with CB&A, Shutterfly is developing key messages and targeted outreach that positions the brand as an innovative thought leader in the education space.


    Reaching the National Stage

    A strong media relations base can be a catalyst for national opportunities. CB&A demonstrated this process when the agency secured coverage of RoboKind on Fox News Online, paving the way for a live interview on MSNBC’s NewsNation with Tamron Hall. More than 3.4 million viewers watched the video segment, in addition to the millions of live viewers. The visibility of the social robotics company and its autism intervention robot Milo proliferated due to the strategic promotion of media placements.

    Filament Games

    Maximizing Strategic Content

    Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Filament Games has been called a major force in education game development. CB&A has worked with the company to promote major partnerships, announce product launches and advance thought leadership. In an effort to expand its reach and visibility, the company is partnering with CB&A on a content marketing strategy to curate relevant and valuable assets for key stakeholders

  • CEV Multimedia

    Advancing Career and Technical Education

    Career and Technical Education programs have drastically changed over the past decades, with many educators moving to a blended learning environment to teach hands-on skills and real-world scenarios through engaging online resources. Highlighting CEV Multimedia’s flagship solution, iCEV, CB&A has deployed a thought leadership strategy that places the company at the forefront of the advancement of Career and Technical Education.


    Paving the Way in Student Data Privacy

    With more than 90 percent of school districts turning to electronic data storage for everything from student attendance to course enrollment, the need for data security and privacy protection is at an all-time high. With the help of CB&A, Skyward, the industry leading K-12 school administrative software provider, released privacy and security guidelines outlining the importance student data protection in education. One of the first data privacy resources available for the education market, Skyward has received industry-wide media coverage and recognition for their efforts.


    Challenging the Status Quo

    Edsby, a newcomer to the LMS market, sought to challenge the established perception of what an LMS is and does – and how it operates. Because Edsby embodies the “new-school” LMS, the company wanted to contrast its strengths with the relative weaknesses of traditional systems. CB&A collaborated with the Edsby marketing team to craft nuanced story angles teasing-out the differences and positioning the company in a positive light.


    Making the Old New Again

    It’s widely accepted that parental involvement is one key to student success. School-home communication startup ParentSquare sought to add nuances to that conventional wisdom with the launch of its analytics dashboard. CB&A worked with the company to develop messaging that took discussions about parental involvement to the next level: Engaged parents are important, so how can schools proactively nurture their involvement? The answer: ParentSquare’s new analytics dashboard. CB&A secured media placements netting more than 1 million impressions in less than one week using the narrative.

    Quick Key

    Transitioning to Profitability

    All early-stage companies seek a business model that produces revenue, and the transition from free to paid services can be challenging. Quick Key tapped into CB&A’s market expertise to create a business strategy for profitability. In addition to managing a visibility campaign for the company, CB&A advised the leadership team on important strategic go-to-market decisions.

    Scenario Learning

    Making a Local Splash

    It’s important for growing businesses to be recognized and loved by their communities, especially when it comes to recruiting top talent. After a series of hugely successful years, Cincinnati-based Scenario Learning decided to re-locate to new, state-of-the-art headquarters. Scenario Learning engaged CB&A to craft a local media strategy to boost the company’s local visibility. CB&A deployed a specialized news release and tailored media relations outreach to secure coverage in several prominent local business journals and consumer media outlets. The positive coverage included narratives about Scenario Learning’s history and track record of success, along with photos of the company’s new digs.


    Sparking a Movement

    The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) collaborated to create the Student Privacy Pledge. The pledge is a list of 12 commitments that school service providers have made to affirm K-12 student information is kept private and secure. CB&A worked with the groups to boost visibility of the pledge among education stakeholders. Through consistent results, which included a letter to the editor from SIIA in Education Week, the pledge was solidified as the standard-bearer for student data privacy.


    Deploying Media Relations to Promote Content

    CB&A and digital curriculum developer Learning.com teamed-up to promote an infographic through strategic media relations outreach. Designed in-house by Learning.com, the infographic depicted the rising need for students to develop 21st century skills. CB&A pitched the content to a variety of online education trade media and blogs, seeking placements in outlets read by teachers and administrators. The combination of useful content, thoughtful pitching and strong media relationships resulted in several top-tier media placements.

    Triumph Learning

    Making the Most Out of a Product Launch

    Triumph Learning was looking for the right strategy to make the most out of the launch of its new smart practice solution, Waggle. The company enlisted CB&A's help to develop and execute a strategy that would focus on launching the product at a popular industry conference. Through face-to-face media meetings, news releases, social media content and pitching, CB&A helped Triumph Learning launch Waggle and generate media coverage to expose the new product to audiences beyond the conference.


    Raising Awareness for Testing Requirements

    With many states participating in standardized testing, Califone International, LCC needed to raise awareness about the AV technology schools and districts needed to supply to students to comply with testing guidelines. CB&A worked with Califone to increase visibility for its headphone/headset promotion that guaranteed schools who ordered equipment before the new year would have what they needed in time for testing. CB&A was able to secure media coverage that highlighted the promotion and complemented an ongoing marketing program.


    Moving Beyond a Merger

    When Blackbaud K-12 merged with WhippleHill, the companies put forth the message that they were "Better Together," but needed to determine what came next. With assistance from CB&A, Blackbaud K-12 is developing messaging that communicates its position as a thought leader for servicing K-12 private schools front and back office needs and delivers the whole school, connected.

    ABC-CLIO Solutions

    Promoting Blended Learning with New Resources

    In an effort to promote creativity surrounding blended learning lessons plans, ABC-CLIO Solutions developed a grant to provide educators with the resources they needed to invigorate their teaching. However, the window to apply for the grant would be open over the time period when many educators would be out of school for their winter break. With help from CB&A that included a news release and active media pitching, ABC-CLIO Solutions saw coverage in several leading education newsletters and outlets and awarded the grant to nearly 50 applicants.



  • Knovation

    Building a Cohesive Social Brand

    To increase its presence on social media, Knovation, the leader in advanced personalized learning solutions, worked with CB&A to develop a consolidation plan for its multiple platforms. Together, the teams worked to merge followers to a single Facebook and Twitter account, developing informative and engaging content along the way. To further extend their visibility in the space, CB&A provided strategic recommendations for the launch of the Knovation blog, which now features posts from company executives, education thought leaders and administrators and educators from around the country.

    Funds For Learning

    Molding a Thought Leader

    Today's classrooms rely on the internet to deliver instruction and empower student learning, but some schools struggle to obtain the funding they need to implement adequate access. Funds For Learning, the nation's leading E-rate consulting firm, wanted to position CEO John Harrington as the leading voice in the E-rate policy conversation. CB&A helped raise Harrington's thought leadership profile leading to placements in leading education trade and national consumer media commenting on the E-rate program.

Case Study: Molding a Thought Leader

Molding a Thought Leader



A professional firm specializing in the federal E-rate funding program sought to establish itself as a national thought leader and leading voice for E-rate reform. To accomplish this goal, CB&A deployed a media relations campaign to secure coverage in education trade publications that reach school and district technology leaders, and advised on the company’s social media strategy to increase its presence.


The media relations outreach of the thought leadership initiative secured placement for the client in a number of national education trade outlets, and the social media strategy achieved a larger online following. This increased industry visibility enabled the client to play an influential role in the national E-rate reform debate.


To position the client as an expert on the E-rate program, CB&A developed and executed a number of strategies in the education marketplace. CB&A conducted a virtual media briefing, facilitated media interviews, scheduled media meetings, and distributed media communications on E-rate topics. In addition to these media relations tactics, CB&A provided content for the company’s social media channels and advised on growth strategies.


• Virtual media briefing attended by top-tier education trade media
• Contributed piece authored by client in a major outlet
• 12 media meetings with key reporters at education conferences


• Five feature stories directly related to the media briefing
• 23 general feature stories (average of nearly two per month), including prominent coverage in a national newspaper
• 300 additional Twitter followers in two weeks
• Media impressions totaling more than 20 million

Through CB&A’s expertise, the client raised its profile as a leading voice on E-rate reform in the education marketplace. Campaign initiatives, media coverage and social media were significant in enhancing the client’s visibility as an influential thought leader.

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Case Study: Highlighting Customers Through Local Media Outreach

Highlighting Customers Through Local Media Outreach



A client developing curricula to comply with Common Core State Standards sought to increase recognition of its learning platform among teachers, school district leaders and community members. The aim was to secure extensive coverage of educators’ personal stories in media outlets ranging from small-town newspapers to nationally recognized publications. These outlets were targeted to heighten the client’s visibility in key sales states.


To achieve news coverage on many platforms in differing geographic locations, C. Blohm & Associates (CB&A) constructed a media relations strategy that featured an educator’s personal story and point of view, leveraging the educator’s unique perspective to gain client recognition. This resulted in extensive client coverage in both local and national publications.


CB&A developed and executed a three-month media relations campaign designed to create interest in the lives of educators by distributing customized news releases to state and local media outlets. Each personalized news release featured the educator’s name, school district, quote and picture as a human-interest story angle to appeal to local education reporters.


Outreach to reporters, educators and administrators resulted in more than 50 article placements in a wide range of consumer media outlets across the nation. The secured coverage produced more than 1.5 million impressions, raising visibility of the client in targeted states.


  • The Denver Post (Denver, Colo.)
  • Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Ill.)
  • Pasadena Star-News (Pasadena, Calif.)
  • Times and Democrat (Columbia, S.C.)
  • Temecula Patch (Temecula, Calif.)

Through a comprehensive media relations strategy, CB&A garnered coverage by using a tailored news outreach plan in key sales states. By sharing human-interest stories and increasing news coverage nationwide, the client gained the visibility necessary to support its sales initiatives.

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Case Study: Strengthening Conference Engagement with Twitter

Case Study: Strengthening Conference Engagement with Twitter



Our client, a non-profit leader in education technology leadership, sought to enhance the visibility of their annual conference by harnessing the power of social media. The client specifically wanted to utilize Twitter to increase conference engagement amongst attendees, and to involve current and prospective members unable to attend.


In preparation for the last two conferences (2013 and 2014), C. Blohm & Associates (CB&A) constructed a social media plan for the event, and the weeks leading up to it. A CB&A team member then implemented the plan, including live-tweeting and engagement with attendees onsite during the conference. This plan resulted in a notable increase in followers, which was facilitated by an increase in tweets, retweets, mentions, favorites and link click-throughs prior to and throughout the conference. A variety of education technology enthusiasts and industry leaders, fitting the client’s target audience profile, participated in the conference conversation via Twitter.


CB&A recommended the client employ diverse strategies to heighten their marketplace visibility. A primary strategy was the use of an official conference hashtag, which sparked many connections and conversations around the event. Additionally, CB&A laid out a live-tweeting plan for use during conference sessions, expanding their value by making the information and experience accessible to a larger online audience. The plan included cross-promotion of other social media channels, retweeting and replying to attendees and conference participants, and incorporating captivating multimedia.


CB&A developed and implemented detailed social media plans for the conference two years in a row. Using 2013 experiences to create a bigger and better 2014 plan expanded engagement on Twitter, demonstrating the CB&A team’s dynamic ability to stay abreast of effective social media techniques. Just as Twitter feeds are constantly updated with new tweets, so do usage trends shift over time. By monitoring analytics and evolving social media trends, CB&A was able to refine the client’s strategy to yield significantly higher returns during the 2014 conference.


The client posted 361 tweets before and during the conference, with these results:

  • 160 more followers
  • 423 mentions
  • 267 favorites
  • 743 link click-throughs

The official conference hashtag was used approximately 6,000 times before, during and after the conference, including 4,972 instances during the three days of the event. The client’s Twitter handle accounted for 461 of these tweets, the rest were sent by participants as part of a far-ranging conversation.

Compared to 2013, the 2014 conference strategy resulted in 154 more posts, 356 more retweets and 75 more follows. These increases demonstrate CB&A’s inclination to capitalize on learning opportunities in order to improve social media tactics from one year to the next.

CB&A enhanced the client’s industry visibility by using an effective and modern social media plan. The client realized measurable interaction between both current and prospective members and conference attendees, which contributed to the event’s success.

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