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If you’ve mastered origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, maybe you’re ready to try your hand at Jellogami. The Jell-O enthusiasts at My Jello Americans invented a craft that swaps paper cuts for food coloring stains. Jellogami doesn’t involve any folding or paper since the origami art is fake – but really tasty.

How it works: The "paper" is actually granulated gelatin, water and food coloring painted over gelatin veining sheets. The origami is constructed without folding, and "glue" (warmed gelatin and water) is used to create the masterpieces. So Jellogami requires fewer steps than its traditional Japanese counterpart, but those of us lacking surgeon-like dexterity will probably still face some crafting hardships.


But what does it taste like? You can flavor the Jellogami to your liking. The artists at My Jello Americans added rose syrup to the food coloring, and also recommend trying candy extracts. Pickle juice, bacon, thyme and bubble gum are some other alternatives, but mixing them all together certainly isn’t advised. If you want to see how it’s done, check out this video

Source: My Jello Americans

How Jell-O Got Its Mould

Jell-O was made popular by complex “jelly moulds” way back in the Victorian era when gelatin was sold in sheets. The time- consuming process of purifying the gelatin sheets and transforming them into masterpieces meant gelatin desserts typically were reserved for the wealthy.

The Jell-O patent changed hands several times during the late 1800s, and the powdered product struggled to gain attention. Despite the product’s low profile, Genesee Pure Food Company positioned it as “America’s Most Famous Dessert” in a Ladies’ Home Journal advertisement. Jell-O remained a minor success until 1904 when Genesee Pure Food Company flooded homes with free Jell-O cookbooks. From there, new flavors were born, and Jell-O was on its way to becoming a staple dessert.

Jell-O Packages

There are currently 23 flavors of Jell-O in production and 28 flavors of Jell-O brand pudding. Some of the notable Jell-O and pudding flavors include apricot, black cherry, pumpkin spice, tapioca and pistachio. More than 30 flavors have been mercifully discontinued over the years, among them celery, cola, Italian salad, maple syrup, seasoned tomato and root beer. Yum?

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More Than Dessert

Jell-O is a tasty, simple snack – that’s no secret. But Jell-O can do more than just look pretty in a bowl. Here are some unusual uses for the gelatin product:

Watch seedlings grow roots. This is a great science experiment for kids. Sow seeds in Jell-O and observe how the roots grow. Prior to planting the seeds in Jell-O, sprout them. Cut a three-inch strip of paper towel, dampen, and lay it on top of a strip of plastic wrap. Place the seeds on top of the paper towel at intervals recommended on the seed packet, and cover them with another strip of damp paper towel. Roll the paper and plastic together, place in a plastic storage bag, and store in a warm place. When the roots begin to sprout, plant the seeds in a clear cup or glass filled, of course, with Jell-O.

Jell-O rainbow prism

Style your hair. Feeling colorful? A teaspoon of Jell-O dissolved in a cup of warm water makes an inexpensive (and fruity) setting lotion. Two words of caution: 1) it’s incredibly sticky and 2) your hair will be a magnet for cats.

Make Wine Jell-O. At least it’s classier than Jell-O shots, right? The Joy of Cooking suggests boiling one cup water and mixing it with gelatin powder in a bowl until dissolved. Add one cup red wine. Stir well and refrigerate four hours, or until mixture gels.


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News that Breaks the Mould

An infographic released by StudyBlue reinforced the belief that if you make studying more convenient for students, they’ll study more. The infographic showed that students who use their mobile devices as study tools are better prepared for class. First, students who use the StudyBlue mobile app spend an additional 40 minutes studying every week compared to students who only use the website. In addition, mobile users study earlier in the day and cram less at night. They are also twice as likely to study between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. as their non-mobile peers. Finally, mobile studiers are nearly three times more likely to track their progress by scoring their study sessions. Read more…

The Smithsonian is offering “Shout,” a multidimensional resource to expand and enrich science curriculum. This year’s series, “Water Matters,” kicks off Feb. 7 and 8 with the first of three interdisciplinary webinars: “Water Questions: When We Want to Learn More.” During the webinar series, participants will have the opportunity to hear from and interact with Smithsonian scientists and researchers, and connect with other educators around the world. Along with the webinars, educators participating in Shout will also have access to comprehensive lesson-planning materials and hands-on activities, including a new badging program. Online registration is available. Read more…

The E-rate filing window for 2012 opened in January, and applicants have until March 20 at 11:59 p.m. to submit funding requests for the upcoming year. Requests for funding will likely exceed the amount of money available, however, since the demand for E-rate assistance has steadily outpaced supply in recent years. In fact, demand has increased by 108 percent since 1998 while funding levels remain stagnant. In response, Funds For Learning CEO John Harrington penned an open letter to the FCC requesting that the commission increase available funding in the E-rate program to match need. E-rate stakeholders and supporters can sign the online petition before it’s delivered to the FCC. Read more…

In honor of Digital Learning Day, Kaplan K12 is offering free math and reading e-books through Kaplan Kids Smart Track, a customized online learning program for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. This curriculum preview will be available to parents, guidance counselors, and educators for free on Feb. 1, 2012. The Kaplan Kids Smart Track is a program that drives academic progress and student achievement. Read more…

Shmoop unveiled new AP Test Prep resources covering human geography, environmental science and European history. First, the Shmoop guide to AP Human Geography helps students explore the intricacies of people, culture, economics and politics of varying regions. For AP Environmental Science, the online learning guide from Shmoop explores key topics featured on the AP exam while preparing students for the exam’s length and format. Lastly, the online course in AP European History provides an 11-unit guide to the pivotal events that reshaped European history. With these three additions, Shmoop now offers Test Prep resources for 14 of the most popular AP exams. Read more…

Online privacy and security is a top concern in today's school environments. Students and teachers alike are constantly barraged with threats of cyberbullying, sexting, hackers and similar issues. To help schools combat these threats, Gaggle, the leading provider of safe and secure communication and collaboration tools for schools, will offer the Human Monitoring Service (HMS) in its basic subscription. Gaggle's HMS team monitors all activity within the Gaggle environment, flagging inappropriate posts, security threats and other potentially harmful activity. The HMS team can alert teachers and administrators as appropriate, allowing teachers to intervene positively on behalf of students. Read more…

FundingFactory®, the nation’s largest fundraising-by-recycling program for schools and nonprofits, is sponsoring the “Just Ask” Campaign, to encourage business participation in community recycling projects and heighten awareness about electronic waste. FundingFactory reports that program participants collectively generated more than $1.3 million in funding, and diverted over 3.2 millions pounds of e-waste from becoming landfill in 2011. To participate, anyone can pledge at Upon pledging, contributors will be automatically entered to win a vacation for themselves and $500 for the FundingFactory participant of their choice. The randomly drawn winner will be announced in March and will receive a Walt Disney World Resort vacation for four in Orlando.  Read more…

With many states requiring Algebra I to graduate high school, algebra has become one of the gateway courses to school and career success. Yet upwards of 60 to 70 percent of students struggle with algebra or fail to pass state-mandated proficiency exams. Algebra City from PCI Education is a new blended intervention program that focuses on the 28 most common algebraic misconceptions. Research shows that many students misunderstand the concepts, procedures and representations needed to master and pass Algebra I. This intervention program from PCI Education aims to keep students on track by using pinpoint assessment to identify where a student is struggling conceptually and providing multiple approaches to correcting the misconception. Read more…

Time To Know, a complete online teaching and learning solution for one-to-one computing classrooms, earned an honorable mention in eSchool Media Readers Choice Awards for its Digital Teaching Platform. The annual awards program honors technology products that are making a difference in education. The eSchool Media Readers Choice Awards are chosen by readers and visitors of eSchool News, eCampus News and eClassroom News. Read more…

Studies show that timely feedback is one of the most positive influences on student achievement. GradeCam recently announced a free formative application that automates test scoring and provides teachers with immediate feedback on the learning in progress in their classrooms. GradeCam works through a teacher’s existing in-class web or document camera and the Internet to quickly grade multiple-choice tests at no cost. Teachers swipe a completed test under the camera and within seconds GradeCam delivers the student’s name, score, questions missed, and an item analysis. Educators who take advantage of this free tool to make lesson-planning decisions can improve the quality of their day-to-day instruction. Read more…

The Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) presents the ninth annual Ed Tech Industry Summit (ETIS) in San Francisco, May 7-9. This year, the conference will focus on bridging the gap between K-12 and post-secondary education through a series of speakers, networking opportunities, a new Game Lab, and awards programs. Panel presenter topics vary, and may include sessions on gaming in education, mobile learning, e-textbooks, cloud computing, global education, and more. ETIS will be held at the Palace Hotel in the heart of San Francisco. Read more…

Looking towards the future of education, CoSN recently released its 2012-2015 strategic plan, coinciding with its 20th anniversary. The plan builds upon the previous work of CoSN, and reflects their commitment to the continued progress, growth and success of the association, and its members. The CoSN board identified five external goals for the next four years, focusing on closing the technology access gap, increasing CTO skills, building system-wide support for technology, advocating for education technology, and expanding state capacity. Read more…

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