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Dairy Dispatch

You Can Never Have Enough Cheese in Your News

Food on a Stick Creations from Around the World

Here are some unique and delicious domestic and international options:

• Eccentric, but popular street food in Beijing: Seahorses & scorpions on sticks

Seahorse and Scorpion shish-kebab

• Two American classics forged together: French fry wrapped bacon on a stick

• A Japanese favorite: Tempura octopus on a stick 

Octopus Tempura

• Traditional and delicious from the Wisconsin State Fair: Deep fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich

The Wisconsin State Fair website features a full list of mouth-watering creations to be made at this year’s fair. Dare to salivate at

Sources:  Neatorama

Rock Your (Candy) World


2 1/2 c. sugar

1 c. water

1 1/2 c. white Karo syrup

1 tsp. oil flavoring

1 tsp. food coloring (your choice)


Combine first three ingredients together in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Cook to 300 degrees for hard crack. Remove from heat; add coloring and oil flavoring. Pour onto cookie sheet sprinkled with powdered sugar. After it is hard, sprinkle more sugar on candy, and break in pieces. (Oil flavorings are spearmint, cinnamon, anise, wintergreen, and peppermint.)

Rock Candy on a Stick

Source: Karol's Kitchen

The Sticky Story
of Cotton Candy

Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by William Morrison and John C. Wharton and first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair as “fairy floss.” In the 1920s, fairy floss was renamed “cotton candy.”

Typical machines used to make cotton candy include a spinning head enclosing a small “sugar reserve” bowl into which a charge of granulated, colored sugar (or separate sugar and food coloring) is poured.

The molten sugar solidifies in the air and is caught in a larger bowl, which completely surrounds the spinning head. The cotton-like product builds up on the inside walls of the larger bowl, at which point the machine operator twirls a stick or cone to gather the sugar strands into portions.

Cotton Candy Maker


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Stories to Shake a Stick At

Capstone Digital’s recently launched personalized learning platform, myON™ reader, is helping students nationwide improve their literacy skills. In some of the largest districts across the country, such as Fairfax County Public Schools, Chicago Public Schools and Orange County Public Schools, students are benefitting from myON reader’s online library of digital books customized to their interests and reading abilities. Embedded reading scaffolds in myON reader, including audio support, word highlighting and a dictionary, support students at every reading level. Read more…

Discovery Education and 3M announced the 13th annual Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, the nation’s premier science competition designed to spur interest in STEM-related issues among students in grades 5-8. Students are asked to create a one- to two-minute video about the science behind a possible solution for an everyday problem. Ten finalists will receive an all-expense paid trip to the 3M Innovation Center in St. Paul, Minn., to compete in the final challenge in October. The winning student will be named “America’s Top Young Scientist” and will receive $25,000. Read more…

The FCC announced 20 recipients of the E-rate Deployed Ubiquitously (EDU) 2011 Pilot Program, designed to help the FCC learn how to best support wireless connectivity services for mobile learning devices in a K-12 education environment. The 20 recipients will receive a total of approximately $9 million for the 2011-2012 funding year. For a complete list of the selected project applicants, visit the Funds For Learning website,

Digital curriculum and test prep company Shmoop bolstered its offering of online test prep courses by adding AP Calculus AB & BC and AP Microeconomics. With AP Exams looming in early May, Shmoop now offers seven online test prep courses. Each test prep course provides hundreds of practice problems, explanations and examples, as well as several full-length practice exams. Shmoop AP Exam Prep Courses can be purchased for $12.95 for at-home use by individual students, or through Site Licenses for schools and districts. Read more...

Califone International, Inc. announced the launch of its Wireless Tablet Interface (WT1), which enables users to control computer desktop and presentation functions remotely, up to 50 feet from the computer when connected to a USB receiver.

Wireless Tablet Interface

Additional software functions allow the user to draw within a presentation using red, blue and multi-colored pens, erase sketches, magnify images and details, or capture snapshots of the on-screen display. The WT1 comes equipped with 18 channels, allowing for use on different computers throughout the classroom to facilitate shared learning among groups of students. Read more...

Acting on user feedback, Edmodo has launched new features to its social learning network. The updates include new subject area communities for educators to exchange ideas and share content on specific topics, including computer technology, professional development, vocational studies, health/physical education, creative arts, world languages, and special education. In addition, teachers now are able to provide individuals or groups with “read-only” access to Edmodo to save and reuse assignments without recreating information, and to filter connections to view posts from educators who are directly connected. Read more...

An endorsing partner of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), e2020, Inc., announces all of its existing and new courses will utilize Common Core State Standards to create the course matrix, scope and sequence. To provide schools and districts with a more comprehensive eLearning program model for students, the company’s Common Core Standards alignment process is manually configured for search, resulting in more accurate and granular results. For more information, visit

PBS TeacherLine offers free online professional development modules to help educators incorporate global climate change topics into their math and science lessons. The on-demand modules are aligned to standards and designed to enhance student and teacher literacy about global climate and Earth system change. Four modules are available now, with six more scheduled for June 2011. PBS TeacherLine was awarded the NASA Global Climate Change Education grant to create the video-based modules and a graduate-level online professional development course. Learn more in the PBS STEM Resource Center.

After being implemented in districts throughout 11 states since 2007, STIAssessment has been used by educators to create and administer more than 2 million online formative assessments and to monitor student performance. STIAssessment enables education leaders to access comprehensive reports and real-time information to facilitate timely and effective data-driven decision-making. Since STIAssessment integrates with any student information system, schools can archive and align student data to assessment data, creating living assessment records that follow students throughout their academic careers. Learn more at

Developed to help teachers individualize learning for students with special needs, VizZle is seeking applications from qualified learning institutions in Arizona and California for its Visual Learning TechGrants. Each TechGrant provides access to VizZle software for up to five or 10 teachers, as well as professional development and ongoing support, depending on the organization’s size and needs. The deadline for applications is April 22, and a total of 10 grants will be awarded. Read more...

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PB and Jam deep-fried

A Wisco Classic - PB & J sandwich, deep-fried, stick-style.
It’s badger-licious!

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